Gymnastics Club Manager Software Features

Want to spend less time on admin and more time enjoying your gymnastics?

Meet Gymnastics Club Manager – membership management software which bends over backwards so you don’t have to.

Custom-designed to simplify the running of gymnastics clubs, these features mean you’ll land on your feet every time.

Want to find out how? Scroll down for further information . . .

Gymnastics Club Manager
“GCM has looked after collecting membership and class fees and left us to focus on the opening of the new facility.” - Casablanca CGT

Simple online registration and waiting list management

We’ll give you an online gymnastics registration page to embed in your website so new members can register right away. Because your database is linked directly to your website, members’ details will automatically be added as soon as they register.

Ask for payment when they sign up or after they’ve come along to a taster session. And if a class is full, they’ll go straight on a waiting list which you can manage online.

Pretty soon you’ll be ditching those spreadsheets!

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Manage gymnastics class fees online

Whether you charge monthly, by term or in weekly blocks, now you can request secure instant payment online for gymnastics classes so no more trips to the bank!

Plus you can see straight away who still needs to pay with up-to-the-minute payment reports which cuts out a whole load of paperwork and means coaches can spend more time coaching.

Manage gymnastics class fees
“Since using the system our collection rates have improved significantly.” - Southwark Gymnastics Club

Manage club membership fees online

Managing club membership payments has never been easier. New members simply select their membership category when they join, or you can assign the right level for them. Email existing members a payment request reminding them to login securely and pay online.

What’s more, parents can update their children’s information whenever they log in, saving you hours of cross-checking renewal forms.

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Improved access to membership information

All club membership and payment details are stored securely in the cloud, so you don’t even have to be at your desk to manage your club. Check the latest data on your phone, computer or tablet and grant other club officials access to specific information too.

Much more secure than sharing spreadsheets and print-outs! You’ll also receive an email every time a parent updates their child’s details. (Always good to know about Alfie’s allergies!)

Improved access to information
“The system has enabled us to streamline all of our data and we can now work as a team from one central point remotely.” - CACL

Better communication

Group emails are a doddle with Gymnastics Club Manager software. It’s easy to send targeted personalised mail to everyone in your database without going near a postbox.

Now there’s no excuse for not responding!

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Online attendance register that’s
connected to your membership database

You don’t need us to tell you what a hassle registers are. You’d probably prefer to hear how, with Gymnastics Club Manager, you can quickly create registers using the latest data from your membership database.

Just select the fields you want to appear on the register, for example gymnasts name, medical conditions, emergency contact information, attendance history - even payment status, then choose whether you want to print the register or have coaches access it via an app on their phone or tablet.

Online attendance registers
“Gymnastics Club Manager has been extremely helpful towards reducing the time processing paperwork.” - Aspire Springers

Built-in event management

Running holiday courses or holding an event at your club?

Our built-in event management system encourages members and non-members to register and pay online.

Broadcast the event with the group email tool then sit back and watch the crowds flock in!

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Up-to-the-minute reporting

Track every penny paid and owed! It’s easy to see an immediate overview of what’s been paid and what’s outstanding for the club, every gymnastics class, each membership category or anything else you’ve requested payment for.

You can even send payment reminders directly from the payment reports.

Financial reporting
“We would recommend GCM to any club looking to save time and increase collection rates.” - Southwark Gymnastics Club